The Alabama Tiny Houses Guide

Our Alabama Tiny house guide covers several important aspects concerning building codes, builders to use and communities you can join for information and sharing ideas. The guide gives you a great start and will point you in the right direction for further information.

We're constantly updating the site based on new information coming in from readers like you. we'd love to hear from you if you have any new information or updates, drop us a line via our contact form and we'll add it to the guide. 

Tiny House Laws and the Building Code In Alabama

​Alabama doesn't have a state wide building code  The building code implementation and compliance are both governed and enforced on a jurisdictional level.

The Residential Energy Code for Alabama (RECA 2004) is based on the 2000 Version of the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). RECA meets or exceeds the 2000 version of the IECC except for the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) for glass.

RECA 2004 is a voluntary code that allows builders, architects, home designers and code inspectors a simplified method to determine how much insulation to put into the attic, walls and floor, windows and doors and their maximum allowed areas, as well as the minimum energy efficiency rating of heating, cooling, and water heating equipment to install.

Pick the county, city or town in Alabama that you're interested in and contact the local government or visit their website to see if they've started any code requirements. We've provided you with a list of Alabama towns and cities at the end of this page to get you started. 

So basically it seems to be if you build away from moderately and highly populated areas, you should be okay. Alabama hasn’t passed any mandatory statewide building codes through the legislative process, but you must do your homework to be sure as things can change at any time. 

The RECA 2004 can be found at:

The Alabama Building Commission:

Alabama Tiny House Community Groups - Online/Offline

Facebook Groups

We had to do some searching but it was worth it, with over 2500 members the Go Tiny Be Free facebook page is a fantastic resource for the tiny home community in Alabama full of upcoming projects, community events and workshops. The page itself is active with a highly engaged community and would be an ideal introduction point.

Charity organisations and groups

We always try and include an organisation or group that is giving back to the community using the tiny home model. In Alabama we have a great example of just such a group. Foundations for Tomorrow based in Huntsville, Alabama. They're a community initiative wanting to create a tiny home village for homeless veterans. They’re still looking for land to create a tiny village with the plan being to build 30 micro properties. You can follow their progress and donate via their website or facebook page.

Tiny House ​Building Contractors In Alabama

​In no particular order we've listed all the tiny house builders in the state of Alabama that we were able to find and we've included their website details for you to follow up with.

Timber Craft Tiny Homes in Guntersville offer custom full builds starting from around $45,000

We rea​lly had to dig to find these next guys but it was worth it. Rural Studio get in touch with them as rumor has it they do tin houses for $20,000 not the best website but take a look and get in touch with them via the contact page on site.