The Alaska Tiny Houses Guide

Alaska is known as a bit of a final frontier where living in isolated areas is commonplace and the folk are hardy and self sufficient. Interestingly enough though community groups and events for the tiny home community in Alaska are few and far between. The relatively low state population being distributed over such a vast region certainly is certainly a factor. 

That being said we did come across a couple of groups that you can join to get started in the movement. We also read some fascinating stories about people surviving in extreme conditions living a near total self sufficient lifestyle.

Community Groups and Organisations​

Facebook Groups

While there wasn't much in the way of Facebook groups for Alaskans looking to connect, we did find the Alaska Tiny Home Enthusiasts Facebook Page. Its relatively busy with around 250 members posting and sharing information, this would be a great starting point for those looking to connect with like minded folks in Alaska.

Meet ups

We also had similar luck with finding local meetups in Alaska, Again we found one very busy page called Tiny House Tuesdays with over 300 members. Connect with the meetup


During our research we came across a great video by Lance Porter about building a log cabin in Alaska, it’s a quick 5 minute video showing Lance going out into the Alaskan wilderness with his son to build a one room log cabin.

Tiny House Laws In Alaska 

Alaska has no mandatory statewide building code, although of course this can change in the future.  The current code being used is the Building Energy Efficiency Standards (BEES), which is a state-developed building code, based on the 2006 IECC with Alaska-specific amendments.

Notable cities in Alaska that have adopted a building code are: Anchorage, Kenai, Kodiak (city and borough), Skagway and Soldotna.

 As far as what building materials you can use for your tiny home, We would suggest keeping a little distance from the larger cities and we're guessing that you can pretty much build what you like.

Alaska code website:​

Tiny House Builders In Alaska

Like the communities there are not a lot available that we could find. We did find one decent looking builder though by the name of Tundra Tiny Houses take a look, they're based in Wasilla and offer 4 models of small homes.