The Colorado Tiny Houses Guide

The following Colorado Tiny home guide covers several important aspects concerning laws, builders and community. It by no means covers all the information you need to know but it's a great start and it will point you in the right direction for further information.

The team here are constantly updating the site based on feedback and new information coming in. If you would like to add information gained from personal experience or you have recommendations to make then we would love to hear from you! We hope you enjoy the guide and put it to good use.

Tiny House Builders In Colorado

Rocky Mountain Tiny House builders are located in Durango CO. These guys, well one guy, Greg, offers consulting services, custom builds and partial builds.

Greg has a background in building, construction management and what we really liked was that he built and currently lives in his own tiny home. We haven't personally used them but we've heard good things and we like the personal touch that comes through on the website.

No guide worth its salt could fail to mention our next Colorado builder. Tumbleweed homes is the leading company currently in the tiny home building space and they just so happen to be located in Colorado. This gives Colorado residents a couple of advantage over other states.

  1. Delivery costs are low in comparison as they are based in Colorado Springs
  2. Their walk in tours are easier to access
  3. Workshops are held frequently

Tumbleweed Homes have an excellent website, large selection available and are generous supporters and sponsors of the tiny house movement in both Colorado and countrywide.

Tiny House Laws In Colorado

In Colorado there is no compulsory statewide building code. Each jurisdiction in Colorado decides which code they want to adopt but it has to be at least the 2003 IECC. Since there are so many counties in this state, we will try to make it easier and list the counties that do not seem to be enforcing any building code.

We must stress though that a local jurisdiction can adopt a code at any time. You have to do your own research and check, then double check. We've provided some handy links for you to use at the end of this section.

The following counties appear to have no building code Baca, Conejos, Custer, Delta, Dolores, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Mineral, Phillips, Prowers, Pueblo, Saguache, Sedgwick, Washington, and Yuma Buyer.

We've also found some interesting information for Walsenburg, Salida, and Buena Vista. Walsenberg in particular is now actively encouraging permanent Tiny home owners to live there with Salida and Buena Vista looking to follow suit. This article from Colorado Public Radio will provide you with more information.

Again, please investigate the areas you are interested in to check for any local codes newly adopted. Rules can change after one committee meeting. All other counties not listed appear to have a building code in place, though you may want to check in the event things have changed.

Useful Links For Research

Colorado official state website:

The counties in Colorado and their offiical websites:

Colorado Tiny House Community Groups and Organizations

The Colorado movement is leading the way and doing some very exciting things! We found numerous groups, companies and meetups who are all promoting the movement and cater for all types of people. Let's take a look at some of the resources available in the Centennial State.

Walsenburg became the first community in the state, and one of the first in the USA, to amend its land use codes to permit tiny homes on any residential lot removing a longstanding zoning code which banned buildings smaller than 600 square feet.

Walsenburg like so many other smaller American towns has been in steady decline for a number of years with a dwindling population. The city council however now sees permanent tiny homes as part of the solution. By being permanent they attract long term residents who will contribute to the tax base as well as to the community. Other city councils are watching closely to see how the changes unfold and are open to the idea.

The company involved in this initiative has plans for two more communities in Colorado, one in Salida, and the other in Buena Vista. You can read more information about this exciting development here


We found a great meetup group for Denver tiny house enthusiasts, with over 1000 members who hold regular meetings, social events and workshops. This looks to be a fantastic group to be involved in with some great feedback coming back from members

“ A very interesting group with lots of ideas and in varied phases of the tiny house adventure. ”

“ So inspiring. I love getting together with other people that are working towards similar goals as me and hearing their creative approaches and how they're doing things. ”

The name is  Tiny-House-Enthusiasts-Denver Free to join and the organizers look to very approachable. If you're not living in Denver or the surrounding area they may be able to put you in touch with groups more local to you.

Colorado Tiny House Workshops and Events

The annual tiny house jamboree is being held this year at the Western Museum of Mining in Colorado Springs from Friday August 5th until Sunday 7th August.

Ticket sales and further information can be found here at the official website

The weekend will involve product and show home demonstrations, workshops, seminars and you can even bring your tiny home and show it off in the DIY village. Micro house builders will also be on site to answer your questions and to get you started.

Volunteers are also needed for the weekend so if you have the time they would love to hear from you, looking at the photos from the 2015 event it really looked amazing.

Facebook Groups

The biggest we found was the Tiny Houses Colorado FB page with over 1500 fans, not super active at the moment but a good starting point with some interesting articles posted and the ability to connected with like minded people.

Colorado Tiny Home Charitable Organisations

Given that tiny houses can be a great way to help those in need we always like to include a state group or organization that is doing great things out there in the community helping the vulnerable or those that just need a fresh start.

In Colorado we found a group called Heroes Home Colorado, a not for profit organization whose goals are to house the homeless, by creating sustainable Eco-villages across the state. Their facebook page is very active and better informs you than their website.

For the contact details and websites of national based online groups, forums, organizations and communities that span the entire USA visit our community page. Here you'll find the largest collection of resources available on the web.