The Tiny Houses Guide Florida

The Tiny House Community in Florida

"The Sunshine State" is known for its tropical climates and beautiful bays, its also pretty popular with retires. Old and young we've had a look around to see who's jumping on board the tiny house movement in Florida and how they're staying connected.


Our old friend Facebook has become one of the most effective forms of communication in recent years, it's a great way of bringing people who share a common interests together. We've had a look through some of the social media groups and pages to see who's talking about the tiny house movement in Florida.

Is there a Tiny Movement is Florida? The broadest of the bunch is the Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts group and with 5067 members we think the numbers speak for themselves. These guys have members spanning across the entire state which just goes to show how tiny friendly Florida really is.

The page describes itself as a place where people can "share inspiration, enthusiasm, knowledge and support." They encourage members to share local events plus they support the development of international tiny communities, they've even included a survey about building communities on an international level.

The page administrators are called Kik and Adam and they've got a strict policy about spam and negative comments towards members, the enforcement of these rules gives the group a welcoming and positive feel where tonnes of interesting resources such as articles, videos and pictures are freely shared.

This next Florida based group is really putting the dream of community living into action. The Rockledge Tiny House Community has some very specific plans in store for their shared space. This isn't just a place to come gossip. These guys are about action and they've started the group to get other folk to join in.

The Rockledge community is the vision of a place where people eat together, watch each others kids and look after their pets whilst they're on holiday. The plans include a common social area and community garden and the project will include houses of a similar design to make the space beautiful.

The place isn't built yet but the followings already massive with 1470 members. It was started by Kenny and Renee, who've been working hard with the City of Rockledge by petitioning housing laws to make their friendly little community possible.

With a massive following of 2061 on Facebook Orlando Lakefront at College Park's page is an awesome example of a tiny home community that's been done right. These guys share what its like to live in a real life tiny community. They've received so much attention that they've asked people to stop popping by for tours because it's become an invasion of privacy for the residents.

With all the fun times these guys share on the page it's easy to see why others want to come take and be part of the action. Photos of social functions and resident blogs sell an experience you'll want to get on board with.

The manager of this community also has two rental houses which she advertises through the page and on Air bnb, so if you wanna see the place for yourself you can rent a house and stay the night.

These guys also have they're own webpage too, so if you're interested in joining the community take a look

Meet Ups is a fairly new addittion to the online social network. It's soul purpose is to bring communities together which is great for people interested in connecting with the local micro movement.

Miami Tiny House Community has created a meetup group in the interests of starting a physical community in Miami. So far they've met up locally to discuss ideas and they've also arranged open homes and talks on building and zoning laws in Miami.

If you're looking for something a bit less hands on the Florida Tiny House Enthusiasts meetup is a space for mico fans to gather just to share ideas and information. This group has updates on events and open homes in Florida and is less focussed around joining a physical community and more about geeking out together about all the cool stuff the tiny house movement has to offer.

Tiny House Events in Florida

Florida Tiny House Festival takes place on Friday, November 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM. If your inttrested in attending this event the best thing to do is join the Florida Tiny Home Enthusiast meet up mentioned earlier because the event itself doesn't have a website.

Otherwise take a look at the Tiny House Events page which is dedicated to advertising events all over the US.

Who Builds Tiny Homes in Florida?

We've had a look around to see who's building tiny homes in Florida, we found a few but thought we'd share a couple of our favourites...

The Tiny House Builders are based in DeLand, Florida. What we really like about these guys is that they give back to the community by giving away 2% of their profits to local charities and 1% of their time to charitable causes.

This is a family run outfit and started when the owner Dan built a tiny home for his mother with limited finances. They haven't looked back since and have been building tiny homes since 2009.

These guys specialise in trailers that are easily built and ready for action. They also offer workshops and an e-course on building a tiny home if you want to learn more about the construction process.

Another company who come highly recommended is Cornerstone Tiny Homes. These guys have got 3 pre built models to choose from including "The Cortes", "The Warden"and "The Fontana". They also custom build and arrange custom build meetings so yo can discuss your particular needs with a member of staff before the build. Check out the and plans and pricing tab on their website for more details.

Tiny House Laws in Florida

So, what's the deal with zoning and coding in Florida... well, unlike some other states Florida has a "one size fits all approach . The Florida Building Code 2007 (2006 IBC) is a statewide law which is handy because it means that all the online communities we were talking about earlier can share information and experiences and its relevant to everyone.

If you are thinking about building a tiny house in Florida the best thing to do is take a look at the Florida building codes standards sight and do be afraid to give them a call if you need more info.

Charity Organizations and the Tiny House Movement in Florida

Tiny homes have been an incredible solution to homelessness throughout the USA and Bithlo in Florida's jumping on the bandwagon. The best part is that this time United Global Outreach is paying attention and tackling homelessness on a massive scale.

These guys plan to build 42 units in one community. The homes will be connected by pathways with a main pathway leading to the shred kitchen, social area and garden.

Refered to as "Dignity Village by some, the project will help homeless people with severe disabilities as well as families that have been forced to live in there cars. With house prices increasing, this micro community proves that with a bit of creative thinking we can tackle welfare issues in The Sunshine State.